Shojin 100% Vegan (dairy and casein free)Restaurant

Last month, Quarrygirl posted an eyeopening article about an investigation of 17 so-called vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. Surprisingly 10 out of 17 vegan restaurants found that their food item contains certain non-vagan ingredients such as casein,egg, and/or shellfish.

If you have not heard this story, please visit Quarrygirl.

As a vegan restaurant, we take it very seriously. Even we didn't intend to use non-vagan ingredients, it is not excusable if we provide food with non-vegan ingredients by selecting wrong products.

So we contacted vendors or manufactures, and the following "vegan" products that we use are 100% vegan (dairy and casein free).

We also believe it is important to tell our customers what and how we cook menu items, so our customers feel safe what they have at Shojin.

I will continue to post who we are in this blog.

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