New Menu: How we created "Seitan Pepper Steak"

New Menu "Seitan Pepper Steak" $14.95
Pan-fried tender seitan steaks seasoned with black pepper and spicy soy sauce.

I think Chef Kimiko did great job. This is amazing, amazing innovation. Finally, our seitan become steak! But, it is interesting how she created this innovated seitan.

"It was by accident." Kimiko told me with bitter smile.

She was cooking seitan for "seitan nuggets", but she forgot to take off and leave the seitan in a steam cooker. Then she realized it, outside of the seitan was completely dried up and couldn't be used as "seitan nuggets"

"seitan nuggets"

She didn't want to waste the failed seitan. At the end of the day, she cut it a little thicker, fried it until it become brown, then seasoned with pepper and spicy soy sauce. Amazingly it became like steak.

It surprised everyone at Shojin. So we have a new menu. Innovation is happening at Shojin. You've never known what you gonna get.

If you have a chance, please visit Shojin to taste this new innovation!

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